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Kindly Keyin Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Instagram, Twitter)

Who is Kindly Keyin?

KINDLY KEYIN is a famous American YouTube Personality who uploads a variety of independent and mobile games videos to his YouTube Channel. He was born on September 14, 1987, in California, United States. When he was at the age of 8, he first played Mega Man X. He was featured on the channel of The 8-Bit Ninja in a video called “THE BIG RACE! vs KINDLY KEYIN! (Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 / Hello Neighbour Gameplay)”.  Kindly has an account on Instagram where he has posted his videos and pictures. He has a channel on YouTube where he has posted his videos on this channel.

Kindly Keyin Contact Information?

He has been luring the audience’ hearts and making them go crazy with his engaging videos. Here, we have provided all ways to contact him. So, his fans can interact with him and also share their views with him.

Various Ways To Contact Kindly Keyin

INSTAGRAM: @kindlykeyin

His fans can interact with him via his Instagram account and this is the best ways to contact him. He has updated his latest photos as well as videos. You can like his pictures and you can also leave your comments.


TWITTER: @kindlykeyin

He is also active on Twitter where he has updated his latest information stuff. This star created his Twitter account on April 2016. His fans can contact him by using the above link and they can tweet him @kindlykeyin.


YOUTUBE:  @Channel

He has a YouTube channel where he always uploads his videos his channel. If you want to share your views with him then you can leave your comments in his recently posted video.





We couldn’t find his phone number.

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  1. lucas

    could ya give me Mr kindly keyin’s address (I live in England so I wont be able to rob him not like I would anyway) I really want to write a letter to him because I don’t have a YouTube account my Mom wont let me have one.

    PS I’m a big fan of him and just so ya know I’m a 9 year old child

  2. Eric Teichman

    Pls reply in email KindlyKeyin I love your vids a lot and it would mean a lot to me if you did

    • Kindly key-in I just had to send you a little email of a picture of Thanos and my cat Oreo so you can pick up so it’s Oreos on one side and thanos’s on the other side

  3. Joshua Farrior

    Kindly Keyin, I love your vidoes. Please do a video about hello neighbor mods.

  4. Layton


    • Solomon agu

      Candy can you’re my biggest fan and you inspire me and your games and your entirety and you’re the best YouTuber and I wish I could give you 1 million bucks but I can’t cuz my mom will not let me but I wish I could but you’re the best YouTuber ever!!!!.! You’re the best person and YouTuber that’s all I can say buddy will see you next time and could you please try to send me like a VR or like a Nintendo switch thank you and goodbye

  5. Blayke Schwartz

    Dear Kindly Keyin
    Hi buddy my name is Blayke ! I am your biggest fan and I sent you some fanart and a card recently in the mail could you please let me know that you received it in a video ? That would be in the world to me check me out on my YouTube channel BlaykesWonderWorld – And remember if it ain’t Blake with a Y then it’s not this guy …. Blaykes Wonder World I I am seven years old and you are my hero. Kindly Keyin I hope you and your family are doing well during this crazy time in the world. You are my only hope and just wanted you to know you are my best friend I spend every day watching your videos. Maybe one day when I meet you which is my biggest dream then we can become real best friends for now you are my best friend on YouTube and you keep me company every day and I look forward to watching you. Technically I want you to ask the developers of Baldis Basics
    If they could send you a plushy of Baldi or a Bendi plushy straight from the meatly maybe you can send me a plushy. I would like it if you put out some new merchandise I brought your Charlie the spider in I by your stuff all the time maybe you could stop the limited time so that more people can get them please put out more merchandise so I can collect your items four instance maybe you can make a kindly Keyin plushy everyone would love to buy that especially me with your name signed on it ~ like autograph it
    Tell your buddy Dak Blake that my name is Blayke . Please shout out my channel so I can be famous like you I am trying to follow in your footsteps you are the biggest YouTuber on earth and the best keep up all the things you do that’s what makes you who you are the greatest but not as greatest as my mom because she is the greatest one in the world 💜 but you are still the greatest besides my mom. My Email is P.S. After this pandemic is over can you please go to Vidcon ? I have never gone before but my mother told me if you go she will take me I would really love to meet you one day it is my dream. P.S.S. Can you play more roblox and hello neighbor and Baldi’s basics. Also I know you have a mobile Monday but maybe you can make a fan choice Friday as well just an idea think about it OK? Fan choice Friday would mean that fans would be allowed to make comments under your video and in those comments they would tell you what games to pick maybe you could do this at least once a month that would be cool and then you could choose the games from your fans to play don’t forget it’s just an idea that I wanted to share with you ….. you could do this every Friday ….
    And last of all
    please remember if it ain’t Blake with a “Y “it’s not this guy………. ✌️
    Love your biggest fan
    Blayke Schwartz

  6. MarcusM

    How do you talk to dat friend

  7. Pola

    Hi kindly keyin I want to be a youtuber like you

    • KindlyKeyin

      Hello nice to meet you, Pola. I don’t exactly recommend becoming a YouTuber. It would be a bit smarter to at least a degree, and have YouTubing as a secondary job, like how I started out.🤗

      Yours truly,

    • Myyyyyyyyb

      He will repie to me

  8. abel

    please play tank raid 3v3 online

  9. patton

    kindly keyin, you’re my favorite youtuber

  10. Jeremiah

    Dear keyin, I just wanna say I was a big fan of you when I was little now I still do! I hope you don’t get sick and stay safe.

    From, jeremiah

  11. Myyyyyyyyb

    Can you look at your friend request on roblox can you accept myyyyyyyyb requst I am a big fan

  12. Patton

    did you call baldi a stinky math man in baldi loves toys kindly keyin

  13. sadie

    i have the biggest crush on keyin

  14. sadie

    im a youtuber too

  15. Hannah Reyes

    Hello I paid for one of those spider merch from kindly keyin a couple of months ago and I still haven’t received any product I have been looking for an email address or customer service # and I am never successful in reaching someone. If a representative can kindly respond to this comment to start the process I would appreciate it

  16. Naksh mehra

    i realy like your videos can you do a lion game?

  17. Miles


  18. severin

    i love his videos

  19. Main Arif Shams Adnan

    hello kindly keyin I know you are sick and you are my favorite youtuber please accept my sorry for your life

  20. Main Arif Shams Adnan

    kindly keyin I am a big fan of you😁😉😎🐱‍👤😃✔✨

  21. Mian Adnan

    kindly keyin I always watch your videos

  22. Alexa

    My mom said if I don’t stop playing video games she wil slam my head on the keyboard jdneudnndbuchendidnrundiendjyufdhfjblidoud

  23. Jacob

    Hi it’s Jacob from Liverpool what’s ur phone number I would love to say hi because I’m a great fan an I want to find you so we can play squirrel simulator together x

  24. kindly keyin

    Now I have a pintrest

    • carter

      hi is this rely you kindly keyin can you like come to my house i live in Milford Virginia mator avenue

  25. jenna

    can i be i be in one of your youtube videos and can you add me on roblox

  26. Huzaifa

    kindly keyin is my No.1 favriote youtuber in the world

  27. carter

    um? hi kindly keyin im a big fan and i rely want you to come and viset me i live in Milford va motar avenue i have a gift for you and im 9 years old im in 4th grade so please.

  28. Bentley

    Hi kindly Keyin nice to meet you My name is Bentley Ray Harrod I will have a YouTube channel like you. But, also can me and my nephew come to your house pretty please.

  29. Hi kindly keyin where is your house at where do you live in i know i would want to come to ur house to do a live YT vid but um if u have the time can we drive to ur house? #bestofcontacts

  30. Hi, i really want KK’s info please

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